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The Taxpayer’s Life Preserver

LifePreserverWhat To Do When the IRS Calls

You may be getting letters from the IRS, each one nastier than the one before; or telephone calls, or maybe even an IRS Revenue Officer showing up at your home or place of business.  Or even worse, the IRS may have frozen your bank account, or they may be taking most of your check each pay day.

Click here to download the first chapter (pdf)!

You have alternatives.  You do not have to let them take all your money.

The price of this book will be $49, but for a limited time, we are making it available at an introductory price of $19.  


Attorneys and tax resolution specialists charge thousands of dollars to determine which alternative is best for you, and then negotiate a resolution with the IRS.

In many cases, you would be better off using that money to pay down your tax debt, or even to settle your debt entirely, via an Offer in Compromise.

This book tells you how to help yourself, or what to look for in a professional, if you decide you need additional help.

Click here to download the first chapter (pdf)!

Our book shows you how to get yourself out of trouble, with step-by-step instructions to:

  1. Know what your rights you have under the Tax Code
  2. Determine which alternative is best for you
  3. Present the information as the IRS should see it
  4. Negotiate a resolution with the IRS that you can live with
  5. What to say to the IRS, and what not to say